DIY Sheet and Bed Fort

I don’t plan on ever growing out of some awesome childhood activities due to the simple fact I still enjoy taking part in them. I still love collecting stuffed animals, colouring in pretty picture books and decorating my room with cute Disney toys.

The Fairy Squad

My Disney Fairy Squad

One of my favourite things to do as a kid would have to be building forts. Pillow forts, blanket forts, forts out of huge boxes, forts built out of nature and branches, snow forts, you name it!

The sheet/bed fort in particular, is one of my favourites. You don’t need to buy anything, just normal household items you have around the house.

You will need:

– An old large sheet or blanket that you do not use anymore (the lighter the material, the better)

– A few pillows

– Screws/Nails (Depending on whether your walls are wood or plaster)

– A Hammer

– Scissors

Optional: Stuffed animals, books, extra blankets.

Step 1:

Depending on the location of your bed and walls, the spot to hammer your screws/nails in, will vary. Most people will need two screws/nails. Hammer these into your wall(s) up high. Do not hammer in the nails/screws right up to the wall, because they will be used as little hooks for your sheet/blanket, so keep that in mind.

Step 2:

You should use a sheet/blanket that is old and/or torn, because you will be cutting holes. Do not use a nice thick blanket, because it will be hard to hook the blanket onto your nails/screws.

Pinpoint your sheet/blanket to your screws/nails. Once you are happy with the layout, mark your sheet/blanket with a pen or marker. Just a dot will do.

Step 3:

Take your scissors and clip a small hole right where you marked the sheet/blanket. You can now hang the sheet/blanket on your screws/nails.

Step 4: 

Decorate your fort however you want! Put some of your stuffed animals in it, extra pillows, extra blankets or maybe books!

Your results may vary on serval factors, but this is generally what it should like at the end:


My Sheet/Bed Fort 🙂


The sheet I used already had holes in it. It was last used as a ghost costume for Halloween.


Voila! You are done your cozy, sleepy hideaway!

Not only does it make a cute little snuggly fort, it also keeps heat in, but it keeps sunlight out as well.


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