Stroke Awareness


I am not ashamed of telling people that I suffered from a stroke when I was ten years old. I don’t hide it because it is a link to the mental illnesses I suffer from now. I don’t think mental illnesses should be stigmatized. I feel people should be able to talk about mental illness as easily as talking about a physical injury, they are both serious. I am who I am because of the stroke. It has affected my development, my brain and my outlook on the world. It’s happened, but I am no longer ashamed.

You may think you are too young or healthy to get a stroke, or perhaps it just doesn’t run in your family. Well, I was a healthy child myself, with no history of strokes from both family histories. There are multiple kinds of strokes, the most common would be yes, to the elderly, but don’t kid yourself that you are safe by your age, strokes can happen to anyone.


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