Quick Makeup Picks for the Pale

Being born with an Irish complexion and ghostly appearance like myself, it comes with disadvantages. You can never get a tan, rather you are freckled or horribly sunburnt, nothing in-between.

I especially had trouble finding makeup that would match my very pale skin. With much trial and error, I have found three products that I would recommend to anyone who is in the same situation that I was a few years ago.

1.) Fit Me Concealer by Maybelline #15


This is my go-to product whenever I have blemishes or dark rings under my eyes (which is most of the time.) I would recommend using your fingers over a makeup brush, so you can blend it in.

2.) Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation by Maybelline #110


I love this product so much and use it as my main foundation. It is light enough for my liking, as other foundations I have used are way too heavy. I highly recommend this one.

3.) PhotoReady Powder By Revlon #010


The third and last item I recommend is after you have applied your concealer and foundation. I like to set my makeup with a powder so it doesn’t smear. I have purchased about three other powders but all were too dark for my colouring, but found this one that works perfectly.


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