Reality of the Sugar Bowl


There are a lot of different dating websites out there, and then there are websites that disguise themselves as dating websites just to keep them from being shut down.

First things first, I’m not glorifying or condoning the sugar bowl (many of those on the website, or who are on similar websites consider it a lifestyle, and is nicknamed the sugar bowl,) but I give a fair warning to the young women and men who are considering to sign up for the website or looking “for sugar daddies.”

Basic rundown: it looks like a typical dating website, create a profile, message members and possibly meet up. The difference is this one is geared towards wealthy older men (sugar daddies,) and younger women (sugar babies,) creating a “mutual beneficial relationship.” Of course, there are some older wealthy women (sugar mommas) and younger men, as the website does not discriminate by gender. However, the majority are wealthy men and younger women on the website.

Now that is all fine and well, until you get to this murky “mutual beneficial relationship” term. The part that everybody gets uncomfortable with.

What exactly does this term mean? Well, the website was created for wealthy men of means to meet up with beautiful young women, so it isn’t a shock that the website is controversial and criticized for glamorizing prostitution.

Sugar Daddies are expected to shower their sugar baby with allowances, rent money, gifts, trips and/or even college tuition. It’s clear to see the appeal for the young women and why they sign up. But what does the man get out of it?

I’m not going to beat around the bush, if you are expecting to get an allowance or gifts from your sugar daddy and give nothing sexual in return, you are kidding yourself.

From casually skimming the website and receiving messages from men in my area, it is pretty damn clear what these guys are expecting.

I came across this website by surfing youtube and found clips about the sugar daddy/sugar baby lifestyle, and the news clips tend to show off the lavish lifestyle of being a sugar baby, giving the unrealistic idea that every man on the website are millionaires with yachts.

From what I gathered, men from all walks of life are on this website, rarely posting a profile picture publicly. And most, were married.

So from my experience, what does this website all boil down to? You can get a sugar daddy, no question, anybody can; and I say this literally. Anybody.

The catch? If you are okay with getting paid for sexual favours and/or being a mistress, it could be an exciting hobby on the side. But are you going to find a future husband to look after you and be your prince charming? No. Is this the website you could find your lifetime partner on? No.

And here is the biggest question of all: is it even a dating website?

I guess that all depends on what you consider dating and what a relationship even is.






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